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The Centre of Excellence for Simulation Education and Innovation


Five types of memberships are offered through CESEI:

Free Staff, Student, and Research memberships will be available ONLY to:

  1. Students enrolled in Medicine, Nursing and Dentistry
  2. CESEI and affiliated institutional staff
  3. Researchers
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Individual Memberships are available for:

  1. Physicians, and surgeons
  2. Post graduate and undergraduate medical students
  3. Nurses, and allied professionals
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Institutional Memberships are available for:

  1. Universities, colleges, and other medically or technology related non-profit organizations
  2. Hospitals, primary, secondary, and tertiary health care units, private clinics, and other health and technology related associations
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Corporate Memberships are available to:

  1. Medical and surgical Industries
  2. Companies involved in the communication and high-tech industry
  3. Other non medical or technology related corporations
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Honorary membership will be available ONLY to:

  1. Individuals with substantial financial contribution to CESEI
  2. Individuals with outstanding services to CESEI
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Portal Membership

If you are a registered member and wish to apply for membership within another portal, click here.